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 Master Bedroom

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PostSubject: Master Bedroom   Sun Nov 03, 2013 3:44 am

These are the queen's personal chambers. A former resident of the high rise apartments in the city, some hundred years or so ago the regent had a master bedroom built in the upper branches of the great tree. Tall glass windows offer her a panoramic view of her forest, and French doors at each cardinal direction lead out onto a circular balcony complete with cushioned swinging couches and pleasant areas for outdoor dining. Vines of flowers and faerie lights garland the leafy awning overhead and provide creative means of descent should the queen ever desire.

Inside, the room is quite spacious, but sparsely decorated. Wooden floors, a plush rug, a tea table, two night stands, and a four poster canopy bed stationed between them. To the left of the bed is a door leading to an elegant master bath. Overhead, a crystal chandelier with dimmer control lights the area; the room is never without fresh flowers placed by the elves at the entrance to spread a pleasant scent throughout the atmosphere.
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Master Bedroom
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