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 Clémence Chevalier's Apartment

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Clémence Chevalier
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PostSubject: Clémence Chevalier's Apartment   Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:25 am

Clémence's bedroom consists of a large green modern bed near the door, across from the bed is her bookshelf, which takes up the whole wall. At her window in her room, beside her bed is a desk and chair. She has a private bathroom with a Jacuzzi. A washroom, kitchen, and small guest room come off the hallway beside the room, the washroom is full of pastel colours. The guest room contains a bed, a love seat, a desk and a medium dresser with a bookshelf beside it. She has a large living room, with her TV set up across from the couch and a small glass coffee table. The kitchen is very modern with simple but almost futuristic furniture.
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Clémence Chevalier's Apartment
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