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 Family Room

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PostSubject: Family Room   Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:06 am

Family Room

Directly to the right of the kitchen [when entering it] is the family room, sunken down slightly into the floor. This portion of the house is very modern, with darker marble floors and less formal furniture on a faded carpet. It was added on after the carpet, and has an entrance to laundry room, which further leads on to the garage. Against the eastern and southern walls are two long, plush couches. On either side of the couch along the eastern wall are small stands to hold dishes or magazines, and in front of the couch along the southern wall is a low coffee table, much less decorative than the one in the living room. In the northwest corner of the room, opposite the entrance, is a large flat screen TV. Like the foyer outside has a doorway to the porch, so does the family room, allowing quick running in and out. Wide windows line the western wall, looking out over the beautiful backyard and large porch. Just outside of the family room, towards the foyer, there is a small bathroom and another utility closet. The family room is less for guests and more like its name suggests: for the family. It is less formal and more intimate, with clean furniture, but more comfortable and modern.
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Family Room
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