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 Living Room

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PostSubject: Living Room   Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:54 am

Living Room

Straight to the left of the foyer, upon entering the house, is a large doorway that leads to the living room. With seven windows, more than enough natural light flows into this room, and so the ceiling lights and lamps remain off until after sundown, when the curtains are drawn over the high windows. During the fire, much of the original furniture was left unharmed, and after the remodel was replaced, so this room is among the few that still looks remotely the same. The furniture here is in a style called “French Country,” a popular style that resembled the styles of the countryside of France. With plush, albeit plainly colored, upholstery and elegant wooden frames, the furniture sets a comfortable yet somewhat formal atmosphere.
Next to street-facing wall, before five windows, is a set of comfortable chairs, a small table in between them with a vase of flowers on top. With the street-facing wall being east, the rest of the room is as follows. The southern wall has two large windows to the left of a large stone fireplace, shedding light on a chair near a lovely houseplant. The western wall is open, feeding into the dining room, and the northern wall, from which guests enter via the foyer, is occupied by a large, comfortable couch facing the fireplace. Set in front of the couch is a low, glass-topped coffee table. Aside from the stone hearth around the fireplace, the living room is carpeted in a soft, cream-colored carpet that matches the color scheme of the furniture, walls, and curtains.
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Living Room
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