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PostSubject: Haunye   Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:07 pm

Far far in the sky, forty five kilometers above the deep blue seas of the planet is a floating island that the sky natives, the Eywa, of the planet once called Haunye. In the language we know, it translates to “The Pillars of The Sky.” Not much is known about the island, let alone the snow-white pillars themselves, but what is known is that when the skin of someone touches the pillars, their memory is temporarily lost… Some Eywa tales speak of their non-violent dispositions, so when one of their own or an outsider was to be punished, they were taken their so their skin would touch the pillars for days, ‘cleansing’ their mind of malicious intentions and thoughts. The descendants and spirits of some Eywa remain in the sky today, so seeing a human-shaped light is nothing uncommon, especially while on Haunye.
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