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PostSubject: Eywa-sez'e   Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:04 pm

Far after the new arrivals came to be on this planet, the natives of the sky, or the Eywa, were one of the most prosperous and pleasant places on the planet. Many rumored it was because they were so close to the Heavens, others because a chemical in the air above elevated their own level of serotonin. Though, the Eywa constantly credited the blue flowers that flourished in the sky for their reason of such bliss. Though the Eywa diminished and disappeared leaving no trace behind, their blue flowers’ population dwindled, becoming extremely rare to find nowadays. Sez’e is the native name of the blue plants and a story goes that “…those who have purity in their soul attract a Eywa spirit that… leads said person to a sez’e. When the sez’e is obtained by a person…-” No one knows what happens to the person that encounters a sez’e because the translations of the Eywa-sez’e tale disappeared along with the clan.
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