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 Exploration Passages

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PostSubject: Exploration Passages   Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:46 am

Opened to the public, but discouraged to all but the bravest and most battle-ready of warriors, the lower depths of the mountain caves hold old yet unexplored ruins. However, be warned. There are stories of creatures which lurk down here that would best be left undisturbed; venture too far and you might find yourself an unwelcome guest.


★ All RPers must be in the same party.

▪ no more than five players per party
▪ first come first serve
▪ party leaders {first player to post} must declare all party members in an OOC statement to avoid confusion

– EXAMPLE : {Party A: Chimitsu, Mael, Osamu}

★ Every n posts, where n is the number of people in your party for parties of three members or more,  brings your party to a new “floor.”

▪ for parties of less than three members, it requires 2n posts to get through a single floor
▪ acceptable posts include every role-playing post made by the party members

– excludes treasure chest and monster posts made by staff
– excludes decision posts {open, run, fight, leave}
should be at least a solid paragraph; this isn’t a spam topic

★ Throughout your journey you may encounter random monsters.

▪ before knowing the monster’s level or HP, you will be given the option to FIGHT or RUN; be sure your entire party is clear on the choice because everyone will be affected
▪ if you FIGHT, you will gain EXP for winning!

– to win, your party’s collective HP or level must be greater than the monster’s HP or level

– collective HP is determined by adding up all the HP of the party’s members; collective level is determined similarly

▪  if you LOSE, you will be sent back to the first floor!
▪ if you RUN, you will only be reset one floor!

★ You may also find treasure chests at various points.

▪ without knowing the contents of the chest, you will be asked if you want to OPEN IT or LEAVE IT
▪ there is no penalty for leaving a treasure chest
▪ when you open a treasure chest, there may or may not be enough treasure for the whole party

– you may choose for yourself who gets what
– in some cases, treasure may “choose” its owner among multiplayer parties {i.e. an admin may dictate who gets what}

★ Some treasure chests may be trapped.

▪ trapped treasure chests look exactly like normal treasure chests and offer the same options: OPEN or LEAVE
▪ no penalty for leaving a treasure chest
▪ if you open a trapped chest, you will be faced with an extraordinarily strong monster

– you cannot run or refuse to fight
– to win, both your collective HP and level must exceed that of the monster in the chest
– if you lose, you will be reset to the beginning floor and you will not be able to revisit this floor or claim the treasure or EXP
– if you win, you will get double the EXP of a random encounter and maybe a special item

★ At the end of the passage, you will be teleported out to the ballroom and forbidden from re-entering the passage.

▪ all prizes and EXP are permanent unless stated otherwise
▪ the passage ends on floor 5n, where n is the number of persons in your party
▪ if you are reset, all the floors and their treasure chests will be scrambled so that you cannot gain double treasure
▪ the number of times you are able to retake the passage after being reset to the beginning is once every two days.
created by CAIRO & steal and you will be trolled

Maximum Capacity: Five; must be a collective group with one communal RP rather than one or more RPs in the same thread. Contact Rogue via PM for group run through.
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Exploration Passages
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