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 Private Bedroom

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PostSubject: Private Bedroom   Fri May 25, 2012 4:50 pm

Situated high up in the towers of the castle, quite close to the Library of the Ancients, is a room only recently reopened; prior to her inquiring about the locked door, not even the Queen of the Nature's Claim had known of it's presence. Behind the ivory door in the tower lies a cozy  bedroom that looks, at first glance, almost like it belongs to a child. However, the style is such that it could be for a person of any age, perhaps up to fifteen years at the very lowest maximum. With a low ceiling, from which hang beautiful plants and vines that drap across the walls, the room is certainly suited more for the body of a teenager or some younger child. Warm quilts and cotton sheets cover the bed pressed against the wall, and bookshelves filled with various volumes face it from across the moss-carpeted floor. A desk sits snuggled into a corner near the closet door which hides in it a secret passage to many of the other rooms in the castle, even a corridor that leads straight outside. The room has only one window facing out over the forest, but when the lights are turned out in the room and the sun goes down, phosphorescent plants and moss on the ceiling give the illusion of a starry night sky in the forest
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Private Bedroom
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