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 Open Air Library

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PostSubject: Open Air Library   Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:20 am

With flying books and glass walls which, from the inside, are invisible, displaying a panoramic view of the sky outside, this portion of the palace is perhaps one of the most peaceful - unless, of course, you have a fear of heights. Opened to the public by the reigning monarch's kindness, this library contains a range of books from rare to the simplest of earthen children's books. Like any good king's library, this room contains books written in many different languages and on every different subject. Please, do try not to steal; the books are prohibited by magic from exiting the library, and to attempt to remove them is a punishable crime.

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PostSubject: Re: Open Air Library   Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:17 am

As the night went on, people started to wander around the castle. Some came into one room and others left another. There was certainly a good amount of people milling about. However, it seemed as though no one had stepped foot in the library. It was as though it eas a forbidden room that was sealed off, even though it was actually wide open.

Heels tapped against the tiled entrance to the library filled with cloud bookshelves. A female of moderate height stepped clumsily onto the clouds that appeared beneath her feet. Her chocolate locks, though a title touseled from dancing, hung in her eyes and she pushed her enlogated bangs aside so her chocolate eyes could focus on the current task-that was- walking on the cloud without falling right through. She chewed on her rosy-colored lower lip quietly as she did so. Her black eyelashes fluttered as she made it safely to the bookshelf. She looked over the spines of the books, wondering what books could possibly be contained in the library. She picked up one that seemed to be a guide to leaning some sort of language. She shrugged, opening the book and leaning against the bookcase

"Interasante... What language is this book supposed to teach?" she asked no one in particular, looking up as if someone was before her.
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Open Air Library
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