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 Necoco's Apartment

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PostSubject: Necoco's Apartment   Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:26 pm

Apartment 112

This apartment has two floors to it. One the first floor is the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Once you walk through the front door, you will walk into the living room. Next to the enterance is the kitchen. The kitchen and living room intersect with one another. There is no wall that divides them, however the kitchen is located in the corner of the living room. The bathroom is seperated from the living room by a large wall. There is an enterance to the bathroom in the center of the wall covered by drapes. In the bathroom is a stairway that lead up to the second floor where the bedroom is located. The bedroom and bathroom is seperated by a small, wooden door in the roof that opens upward into the bedroom.
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Necoco's Apartment
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